What are you worth?

I am from the foothills of the North Carolina mountains where Bluegrass music is a tradition.  One weekend my boyfriend and I were near Boone and stopped in Deep Gap to see my friend Willard Watson. Willard had a cousin named Doc Watson. Doc is a blind musician well known worldwide in bluegrass and old time music circles . During our visit with Willard, we told him how much we wanted to meet Doc in person.  He suggested we just drive over to Doc’s  house and say hello.  Doc would not mind. So we drove down Doc’s driveway just as he was walking out the front door and across the yard. We nervously sat in the truck watching a blind man navigate the area with ease and familiarity until he went into the old house nearby. My boyfriend and I actually debated for an instant whether or not to get out and introduce our selves.  Well, we didn’t! Instead we chose to cave in to our feeling unworthiness, turned the truck around and left. Pretty silly huh? I know Doc heard the truck and must have wondered who didn’t stop to speak,  but we did not believe we were worthy to talk to such a famous person.

What we believe about ourselves is everything. Well it maybe not everything but it sure is a strong force that drives us to all sorts of ends. Sometimes the end is a ditch, sometimes is a wonderful suprise.  Sometimes we end in a deeper darkness and once in a while we awaken to the light.  Our true nature always seems to be pushing us to be who we really yet we are blinded to this knowledge thanks to our beliefs.

Our beliefs about ourselves and who we think we are is often far, far less than what we actually are. From early child hood we are taught things by our parents, family, caregivers, teachers, peers, society in general.  All these influence us and shape our thoughts about ourselves; our thoughts about who we are,  what we deserve out of life, our worth and value to the world. We know we are good in some ways and deserve goodness in our lives in other ways but we compartmentalize our worth and fail to see that being happy and having a great life is actually our birthright and should show up in all areas of our life not just one or two.

Now I am no different from the rest of you and definitely worse at this than many. Years and years of feeling like I fell short of everyone’s expectations and not feeling supported, left me in a dark place and stuck in a thick muck feeling there was no way out. I’ve attended workshops, listened  to numerous audio books from the great motivators of our time and I was still stuck. I heard what they said but making work for me was not happening. Then in 2009 I learned about “The 5 Keys to the Great Life” and suddenly I had tools I could use.  I as so impressed, I became a certified “Great Life Coach” to help others.  I learned to stop listening to and even silence the inner critic. This makes way for changing what you believe about yourself.  It allows you to look at yourself in new ways and understand that by virtue or your birth you deserve goodness and happiness in all things. It allows you to begin to believe in the power of you.

This is still a process and something I work on daily but the layers are going away and a new me is emerging. There is a lot left to change so I guess I am going to be around a while yet. In the meantime if you would like to read another perspective on this please go to Tomi Bryan’s blog.  I think you will enjoy what she has to say too.


One thought on “What are you worth?

  1. Karen, loved your message. Thanks for being such a big fan of The 5 Keys! You are a phenomenal great life coach and your clients are lucky to have you help them navigate the waters of life!

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