a life coach?

I used to think life coaching was a bunch of hokum. What is a life coach? Why would anyone ever want to be a life coach? Who needs a life coach anyway? Hokum! Hokum! Hokum!

Then one day I realized I was really stuck. My life was going nowhere and I mean nowhere! I was mired down in a rut that was my life and the walls of the rut were caving in on me. None of my friends were able to help even thought they lovingly tried over and over.  They would offer me what they thought were solutions but it was never enough to really help me feel better and move on. There were no guidelines, no steps, and no plan. I only became more frustrated and eventually gave up. That is until I learned about “The 5 Keys” life coaching system.  Only then was I able to make my way to that ladder I had failed to see before and begin to climb my way out of the muddy life I was stuck in. Now I’m not going to tell you that I am perfect and 100 % clear, I don’t think I would be human if I did, but life is so much better and I don’t feel stuck.

Life coaching is defined as a practice that helps people identify personal or professional goals and achieve them. Life coaches coach because they understand. Well let me re-phrase that. I coach because I understand.  I have been there, where you are in some way, somehow.  Maybe I’ve not been exactly where you are but I’ve had the same problems and feelings you have.  While I’ve not been a single mom trying to raise my children,  I have struggled to pay my bills and buy groceries. I have not lived under a bridge but I have been homeless and lived in my vehicle, taken many a bath in cold spring water, slept on roach infested basement floors, and once lived in the hall way of a friend’s apartment. I’ve lost loves, dear friends, a parent, jobs, been rejected, made fun of, raped, physically and emotionally abused, you get the idea.

I may not have had your exact experience but I understand. As a coach I can help you define your life goals and help you map out the path to achieve them. Let my experience help you. I know what it feels like to be alone and feel like there is no one who will listen to you.  You feel like everyone else seems is so happy and content, their life could never be as messed up as yours. Sometimes all it takes is someone to listen to you talk. Sometimes we need a coach to help us come up with a game plan because defeat has beaten us down to where we can no longer see victory. Sometimes victory is a matter for perspective. I understand. To change that perspective, contact me. I am waiting to help you.




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