What Are You Waiting On?

Today I was reminded of my grandmother on my fathers side. I have not thought really thought about her in a long time. I mean to really think about who she was and what she stood for. Maybe I never have until now.

She came to mind when I came across a quote from Jonathan Winters that said “If your ship doesn’t come in, swim out to it.” I remember Grandma Mack saying over and over she was waiting for her ship to come it. As a dreamy eyed child I thought maybe she really was waiting on a ship to come. My imagination went wild thinking about all the wonderful things that ship might be bringing to her.

Reading Mr. Winters quote brought on an “ah-ha moment” for me. It gave me another key to the past that has built my belief system of today. Now it is time to open this door, shine some light on this.

I am sure we have all read many quotes and proverbs that tell us patience is a virtue. Learning to be patient is something we teach our impatient children when they get excited about a holiday coming, a birthday or whatever excites them. There are times being patient and waiting is what is called for. We must wait for the ship to come to us.

When we get older our parents and society try to teach us a different path. When I came along there was a strict set of social boundaries I was suppose to operate within. On average, women were only going to be a few things, mothers, teachers, secretaries, nurses or factory workers. Being a doctor, lawyer or artist were pursuits of the wealthy, very intelligent or just plain lucky. And I could forget about being lucky because luck did not come to folks like us. It was only a pipe dream after all. To this day I have never bought a lottery ticket.

Sometimes being patient and waiting for things to come to you will only get you more time to wait. I know there are circumstance and health issues that can get in our way of doing some things,  but “do” whatever you can. One of my favorite thoughts from Dr. Wayne Dyer is when he explains the difference between a human being and a human doing. The dishes are not going to get washed by just being in the sink. You have to get up and do them.  The muscles in the arm or leg that was broken won’t come back without exercise. Neither is the extra weight you carry is not going to go away by waiting on it disappear. You have to do something.

There are many forms of help out there for us to take advantage of.  The is physical therapy for body, counselors for the really tough times we all experience and life coaches for when our ship gets grounded and we need a tow out to get back on course.
You might have to wait on some things. But while you wait, you have time to do other things. So make the first move, take the bull by the horns, stop being a human being and become a human doing. Or as Jonathan Winters said, “swim to the boat”. Consider a life coach to help you get back on course.  Contact me today for a free consultation and let me show you how “The Great Life” might be just the course correction your ship needs to get back it way to bringing life’s treasures to you.

Now who wants to show me how to play Lotto?


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