A word to the wise……..

Creatively Changing is not only about personal development, it is also about the whole person and good health.

Cold weather is upon us and the heat is on. We will be indoors more and breathing warm dry air. This dry air can contribute to illness and sinus infections. Don’t let it get you and always consult your doctor for further advice.

I experienced my first sinus problems when I was 28 and began taking some over the counter medications to relieve the symptoms. Year after year I my head would fill with congestion and my best friend was a box of tissues. It was many years later when I had the privilege to live in Tucson Arizona for a few months, that I would learn a trick that would turn out to be my saving grace.

You’ve probably heard of the “Nettie Pot”. It’s a small pot shaped a bit like a Genie’s lamp that you fill with mild salt water, insert into your nose and use to wash out the sinuses. They are not the most convenient of items to use but many people swear by them. Others think they are simply gross.

I use saline spray. Bottles of saline are readily available for a few dollars almost anywhere, from the corner drugstore to Target. There is no need to get a name brand either. Saline is saline so I always buy the store brand for less. This time of year you might get lucky and find a two for one deal. All the better! I like to have one in the car, one at my desk and maybe one by my bed. This way I don’t risk losing my lone bottle of saline when I most need it because I have carried it around and forgot where I put it. I always have one handy to use whenever I feel the need. I’m serious! This stuff works wonders for me! Clears out springtime pollen too.

I can’t give you all the medical facts or jargon about this; clearly I am not a medical professional so please consult your doctor but as I understand it, sinuses that are have become dry from lack of humidity have a difficult time eliminating all those micro particle that fly up our noses on a daily basis. This inability to eliminate can actually cause irritations and infections. And should you wish to “wash” your sinuses with a bottle of saline, try what I do. I lie down on my bed or the end of the sofa with my head as up-side down as I can get it. Then I squirt the saline into my nose. I must admit that it feels strange when it runs into the upper sinuses but this act really helps keep me feeling great all winter long.


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