Change is Constant: Part One

Change is constant. It is the only thing in this life besides death that we can be sure of. There are other things we think of as constant. The sun rising each day is one of those things but Bible history tells us the earth stood still one day so maybe the sun rising is not a sure thing after all? (You can read all about this in the book of Joshua 10:12-14.)

The problem with change is that we are never sure how it will affect us or how it will feel when we experience it. Change is most often noticed when it is disagreeable to us. And change is most welcome when it makes us feel good and suits our needs or strokes our ego in some way. But even then, we are seldom ready and able to accept the goodness that change has to offer us.

Sure! We all have those times that we orchestrate a acne of some sort. WE cut or color our hair, buy a different style of clothes, choose to take a take a different job but even then we often have a thread or two of resistance in us. Seldom is 100 percent of our being willing to allow things to unfold as they will without any manipulation or interference on our part.

I am well known for resisting change. Just ask any of my close friends. Not so many years ago I was so paralyzed by my resistance aka the dead end rut that was my life, that I was practically cemented in place. I knew I was stuck but didn’t know how to get unstuck. My wonderful friends spent lots of time telling me things I already knew or had heard over and over from the world’s best self help gurus. I believed both my friends and the gurus but could not see how I could put it to use. The trees were in my way of seeing the forest.

During a job interview in late 1990’s , I was asked where I saw myself in 5 years. What? I’m supposed to know that? No one had ever asked me to project my life out one year before let alone five; at least not that I could remember. None of my previous employment interviewers cared about such things. I’m also not a corporate type but at least now I know this is a typical interview question. Back then I had no clue how I was supposed to guess or even imagine what my life would be like in five years. I thought you took life as it came, one experience at a time.

All this not knowing hit home for me just a few years ago. I can’t remember what we were talking about but while visiting some friends in the fall of 2010, I distinctly remember saying, “ I always thought life just happened. I never knew you could make it happen”. Clearly all the study I had done on the Law of Attraction had not sunk in. I’ve since decided that none of that really works anyway, at least not the way they talk about in the movie “The Secret”.

Few people out there seem to address our resistance to change and how to deal with it. They hint at things but never quite seem to give you a recipe or plan of action. This is exactly what I want to explore. I am not sure where this path will lead exactly but I hope I can make some sense of it all and help some folks out in the meantime. I appreciate your reading this so far and invite you to stick around, sign up to get notices and leave comments if you like.


One thought on “Change is Constant: Part One

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